100% Cotton muslin pillows, sewn here in my studio, with hand screened designs. Perfect as an accent pillow for your bed or sofa or as a special pillow for a child.

All pillows feature a 100% cotton muslin removable pillow cover  which is washing machine safe. The pillow insert is sewn of the same 100% cotton material and stuffed with a light, fluffy 100% non-allergenic polyester fiberfill. 

custom starscape art

One of a kind artworks. Glass beads and gold thread sewn onto one of my original nighttime photographs creates the illusion you are looking at a sky full of  stars. 

Made to order: you choose one of my nighttime landscape images, choose the sky from any date you wish (past or future), and choose the sky's view from any location on Earth. Your artwork is then prepared especially for you.


Beautiful Fine Silver pendants and earrings. Each pendant is created here in my studio in Dalkeith and comes with a felt-lined aluminium keepsake box.

These pure silver pieces are created with a material called PMC (precious metal clay) which is a man-made clay made up of finely ground particles of silver in an organic binder. The pieces you see here were fired in a kiln at 1650 degrees farenheight. All the binder material burns off and you're left with pure silver.