Custom Starscape artworks, made to order:

Cannis Major 15 inches x 15 inches

Cannis Major 15 inches x 15 inches

Celestial photography adorned with twinkling, hand sewn, glass bead stars and constellations hilighted in gold thread.

To order a custom-made Starscape artwork, made especially for you:

-First choose the size of the finished artwork: anywhere from 6 x 6 inches square to about 18 inches wide x 12 inches tall. (Larger sizes might be possible, depending on the photo you choose.)

-Next you choose one of my nighttime landscape images: there are about 30 to choose from, and more are added every time I go out on a photo shoot.

-Then you choose your stars and constellations. You can have a view of the sky on any date you wish (past or future), and from any location on Earth. It could be the sky above the city on the night you were born, the date and location of a wedding, or any other date and place that is important to you.

For smaller pieces, it's nice to focus on a single constellation, centred in the composition. It could be your astrological sign or a favourite constellation, such as the big dipper or orion's belt.

Gemini 9 inches x 9 inches

Gemini 9 inches x 9 inches

I find people often buy a custom Starscape as a gift for someone special: to celebrate the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary or other special date.

- As an extra choice, you can pick which constellation system you'd like represented in your custom artwork. You could choose our familiar Western constellations, or: Chinese, Korean, Inuit, or one of several others.  

Once you've chosen your sky and your landscape, I then prepare your artwork.

Depending on the size of artwork, it usually takes about 4 to 8 weeks to make your custom Starscape. First, I make the holes in the photograph, according to the star chart. Then, wearing cotton gloves to protect the photo, I sew the chosen constellations in gold thread and add the stars by stitching on glass metallic beads - all sewn by hand.


(all prices include custom-made shipping case and mylar presentation sleeve with backing board.)

6 x 6 inches ..............$400 unframed .............. $550 framed                   

9 x 9 inches ..............$600 unframed .............. $850 framed                   

15 x 15 inches ..............$900 unframed .............. $1200 framed

19 x 14 inches ..............$1250 unframed .............. $1600 framed  

Other sizes are available, depending on the photo you choose                              

Two Horizons 19 x 14 inches

Two Horizons 19 x 14 inches

You can then choose to have your artwork framed or unframed. For pieces that are unframed, the price includes an acid-free mylar presentation sleeve and a special custom-made to size foam core shipper case.  

For shipping rates, please include your address in your email and I'll send you you an approximate shipping quote. Your actual shipping rate will be confirmed once your artwork is finished, packaged, and ready to ship - I try to err on the higher side when emailing you your initial quote so that you're not surprised by the shipping costs on your final bill.

If you wish to have your work framed, I work with a wonderful Montreal cabinet maker named Michel Eifert. He was clever enough to make some double sided frames for me, with glass on both sides, so that you can take your artwork off the wall and see the sewing on the back. The price of framing depends on the size of the work and the framing options you choose. A quote for framing will be provided once you've chosen your options. Please email me for the details. jessicasarrazin (at)

If you'd like to know  more about ordering your custom starscape artwork, or to purchase any of the works on this page, please get in touch! jessicasarrazin (at)